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Home Page dedicated to ZX81 microcomputer and brazilian clones, with technics informations, software downloads, manuals and hardware projects.

Updates and news:

07/01/2011 Launched the ZX81 Toddy Forth.
24/12/2010 Launched the Toddy Software webpage with my own programs or programs that was adapted by me.
11/08/2010 Two new articles included (in portuguese):
01/08/2010 Updated the article Installing a PSG AY-3-8912 in the TK85 (portuguese)
05/07/2010 Change of hosting server, now using the free web hosting.
Removed the page of the Project 81, the site will no longer provide books, go to the Data Cassete where you will find all the books and magazines that were stored here and many more.
29/05/2005 A lot of new things:
  • - More tapes of Ciberne Software
  • - A lot of programs by SoftKristian, Engesoft, Microsoft e Plansoft
  • - The books "30 Jogos para TK82 e CP200" and "Usando Linguagem de Mquina"
  • - Included a page about the MicroBug, at "Micro Sistemas" page
09/07/2004 Created version in English language, possibly with several errors of grammar, Im sorry ;-)
07/17/2004 Site launched!


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