Eightyone  (Win9x/XP)

It is the newest emulator of ZX81 and also the most complete. Access the link for more information and download:







Xtender    (DOS)

Was an of the first ZX81 emulators to appear. The Xtender2 was the first one to emulate completely the ULA and its complicated video generation system. In my opinion, is the second best ZX81 emulador, despite of some bugs and the "frozen" in the development. 

Home Page: http://www.delhez.demon.nl/





Z81    (Linux)

Very good emulator for Linux environment, the first one and, so far, unique that support sound, by the EAR port and by the PSG AY-3-8912. 

Home Page: http://rus.members.beeb.net/z81.html







NO$ZX81    (Win9x/XP)

Another good emulator, with enough resorts, as a debug, by example. Recomended.

Home Page: http://www.work.de/nocash/zx8.htm






Paul Robson´s ZX81 Emulator    (DOS)

Emulator indicated for older machines, a lot quick in modern PC´s. 

Home Page: http://members.aol.com/autismuk/sinclair.htm






vb81    (Win9x)

Emulator developed in Visual Basic, also recomended.

Home Page: http://freestuff.grok.co.uk/vb81/








Timex Sinclair 1000 Emulator Online  (java applet)

Run direct of the browser, without the need of install anything. For use it, access the link that follow:









ZX81 Emulator for the Palm Pilot

The ZX81 in the palm of your hand!

Home Page: http://www.agate.f9.co.uk/











Sites brasileiros:

LuccasCorp - Hardware hints for diverse arquitectures, by the friend Eduardo Luccas. 

J4FP1L0T - TK82-C and old computers, by the also friend Jader of Amorim. 

Clube Oldbits - Everything (or almost everything) about the computers produced in Brazil during the years 80/90.

Tilt Online - Site of Renato Degiovani, a great ZX81 software developer in the 80s.

TKCP - Yahoo Group about the ZX81 and Brazilian clones. 

Data Cassete - Classics Microcomputers and videogames, with download of games, manual, magazines, etc.

Canal 3 - Club of old computers and videogames. 


Sites mundiais:

The Sinclair ZX81 Support Page - Site of Steven McDonald, great programs in high-resolution and pseudo-high-resolution.

ZX81 Projects -  As the name says, projects and information about the Zeddy. 

ZX81 Welcom Back - Remake of ZX81 games for the PC.

The ZX81 Spanish Site - Spanish site, has some interesting things. 

ZX-Team Home Page - Page of the ZX-Team from the Germany, does not leave of visit! 

ZX-TEAM Projects & News - Projects of HD, floppy disk and LCD, between others, for the ZX81. 

ZX81 Forever - Page of André Baune, with his incridibles programs in Basic. 

Sinclair ZX80 Hardware Page - Build your own ZX80 or ZX81.

Zebra Systems - Buy your ZX81 kit, new and unused! 

ZX81 WEB Ring - Information about several fans of ZX81 around the world. 

World of Spectrum - Site dedicated to ZX Spectrum, but with a lot information about the ZX81. Has also the Sinclair Infoseek, an excellent zx programs search tool.

Matthew´s ZX81 homepage - Many available programs.

Planet Sinclair - The world of Uncle Clive.

Steven's ZX81 Computer - Another site with programs. 


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